Dancer Danielle Miramontes in honor roll from Alexx Shilling's Gold Series No 1 performed at ARC in Pasadena, CA. Lighting: Derek Jones  Choreography: Madison Clark with Daniel Miramontes 

cosmic body
a film by Taso Papadakis
Photographed and Edited by Taso

Robyn, Kevin, Tess
35mm analog film, solvent inkjet prints on canvas,
copper pins, textiles and marker

mend (1:14)
Featuring: Angela Vicente, Filmed and Edited by Taso Papadakis, Original Wardrobe Design by Nikki Stewart,

Skyskrapers Ballett
a short film by Taso Papadakis and Robyn Nisbet Concept, Masks and Wardrobe by Robyn Nisbet, Filmed, Edited and Directed by Taso Papadakis, Original Musical Score by Avila Santo and Robyn Nisbet Starring: Robyn Nisbet Tiffany Caldas Avila Santo and Tula B. Strong

Incantations (27:05)
a short film about the invocation of energies, ancient and innate. The performer/ priestess creates a series of four rites, offering an entrance into the mysteries of four sacred places.

a film by Robyn Nisbet and Taso Papadakis Directed, Filmed and Edited by Taso Papadakis,
Performed by Robyn Nisbet, Sound design by Sean Matsuyama

Raw Tap

a film by Taso Papadakis, Performed by Fred Crawford Directed, Photographed and Edited by Taso Papadakis Special thank you to the people who appeared in this film.