a film by Taso Papadakis, http://www.tasophoto.com
made in collaboration with Deborah Brockus and Brockus Dance, Los Angeles, http://www.brockusproject.org Concept, Shot, Directed and Edited by Taso Papadakis Starring: Cersha Burn Julienne Mackey Moises Josue Michel James Raney Kathryn Sauma Luke Zender Music: "I'm Gonna Take You Home" by Ya Ho Wha 13 * used with permission c/o Drag City Records and The Source Family on set Assistant to Director: Riley Reed

German pianist Michael Sch├╝tze, Tenor Gerald Seminatore and Soprano Ariel Pisturino in works of Kurt Weill, Beethoven, Robert Schumann and songs by Richard Strauss. Performed at the Kade Insitute of Swiss-Austrian-German Studies at the University of Southern California.
photos by Taso Papadakis, www.tasophoto.com

Katelyn Sanchez

Polaroids by Taso Papadakis from Alexx Shilling's Gold Series No 1 performed at ARC in Pasadena,

Dancer Danielle Miramontes in honor roll from Alexx Shilling's Gold Series No 1 performed at ARC in Pasadena, CA. Lighting: Derek Jones  Choreography: Madison Clark with Daniel Miramontes 

cosmic body
a film by Taso Papadakis
Photographed and Edited by Taso

Robyn, Kevin, Tess
35mm analog film, solvent inkjet prints on canvas,
copper pins, textiles and marker